Research & Innovation Expo 2021

The R&I Expo showcases MCAST’s drive on Research and Innovation.

20th - 21st December


Research & Innovation Expo 2021

The 3rd edition of the MCAST Research and Innovation Expo will take place on the 20th and 21st of December 2021 in a hybrid setup, with live events being hosted within the brand new MCAST Resource Centre. The Expo aims to showcase all research endeavours that are currently being carried out across the different Institutes and will feature four main overarching Research Themes

  • img HERE at MCAST
  • img 20th - 21st December
  • img 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • img100+ Researchers
  • img6 Institutes
  • img Cross-Institute Collab.

Expo Themes

R&I Expo 2021 covers four main thematic areas


Emerging Technology and Creative Innovation

This research theme brings together projects from various institutes, with the main objective of addressing research and innovation in technology and the creative arts. Current applied research projects focus on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 3D Printing, Distributed Ledger Technologies, Cyber Security and Games Research, and span from the development of augmented reality platforms, to the development of wearable sensor technology, while also hosting creative projects leading to the development of new methodologies in the performing arts, photography and graphic language.

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Social well-being, sports and health

This thematic area presents projects whose development impacts both the academic audience and the society at large. The Health and Social Care Department look at the sociological aspect, and current research is being undertaken in collaboration with various entities working in the community, including a parish community and the Standards of Care, with another project focussing on mental health. Research under the health sphere is contributing to areas of public health interventions, investigation of aspects of health practices and exploration of the concept of nursing outreach in Malta, while also extending to the educational realm. This research theme also stems into Sports Research with a special focus on the relation to the health aspects, and strengthened through active collaboration with the Malta Football Association and the Special Olympics Committee.

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Quality Pedagogy and Effective Learning

This brings together all research projects that lie at the heart of the remit of MCAST in striving for the development of quality education and new pedagogical tools that lead to effective learning. While all institutes have been carrying out area-specific pedagogical projects, including engineering, ICT, business and management and creative arts, the Institute of Community Services presents a focus on Early Years research and Inclusive Education. Learning Technologies research theme also provides a setting for the sharing of the latest theories, applications, and services related to planning, developing, managing, using, and evaluating information technologies in academic and vocational education, multimedia learning, as well as other innovative educational technologies like intelligent systems, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

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Environmental and Cultural Sustainability

With the objective of addressing one of the main United Nations Sustainability Development Goals of sustainability, both from an environmental and cultural perspective, extensive research at MCAST has contributed to nature-based solutions, biodiversity, ecosystems, animal husbandry, fisheries and other food production areas. This thematic area also covers scientific research on photocatalysis and water research, as well the sustainability of local cultural heritage

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