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Chatbot in Education as an Assistant Tutor

Authors: Silvio Nocilla, ,
  • Institute: Institute of Information And Communication Technology
  • Symposium: Emerging Technology and Creative Innovation
  • Day: 1 , Session: 2 , Location: Auditorium
  • Session Type: Short 10 min (Early stage research) , Start: 11:30 , End: 11:45


This research study refers to the effects of human-computer interactions in education investigating, effectiveness, efficiency, satisfaction, and limitations using Chatbots in education as assistant tutor. Chatbot systems are in trend and are being used on many websites and social media as a means of Artificial intelligence (AI) communication tool. According to A. Vaish, stated in (Khan, et al., 2019) “Globally, the Chatbot market has seen explosive growth with a growth rate of 35% CAGR”. The aim of this research is to identify various Chatbots in use within the educational environment, investigating effectiveness, efficiency, satisfaction, and limitations. Through evidence-based practice (EBP).