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Boutique Hotels in the Three Cities – what would make locals prefer boutique hotels in this area of Malta over other areas and over five-star luxury hotels?

Authors: Paul Camilleri, ,
  • Institute: Institute of Business Management and Commerce
  • Symposium: Social Well-being, Sports and Health
  • Day: 1 , Session: 1 , Location: Conference Hall 2
  • Session Type: Short 10 min (Early stage research) , Start: 09:55 , End: 10:10


The aim behind this research is to understand better the pattern of local tourism to the Three Cities. In the past local tourism always meant Maltese people crossing over to Gozo. However, over the past years this trend has changed whereby the number of people staying in hotels in the mainland itself has steadily increased. This was mostly brought by the introduction of full-board hotels and boutique hotels.

The first part of this research (tackled in the first semester) focuses on understanding the defining characteristics of a boutique hotel and the main differences from other hotels. In the literature review I outlined the history of the development of boutique hotels in Malta. Whilst exploring the number of boutique hotels in the Three Cities and their occupancy, I am also currently working on a quantitative research. In this research I am questioning boutique hotel owners in The Three Cities and also a similar number of boutique hotel owners in the area of Sliema to gain a better insight into the differences of the tourism concept in these two different touristic destinations in Malta.

The second part of the study (taking place in the second semester) will inolve a quantitative type of research which tries to identify the willingness of Maltese people to book stays in boutique hotels in the Three Cities.