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Erasmus+ ECOdesign4EU: Training Contents and Joint VET Qualifications on Ecodesign for Creative and Cultural Industries

Authors: Owen Sacco, ,
  • Institute: Institute of Information And Communication Technology
  • Symposium: Emerging Technology and Creative Innovation
  • Day: 2 , Session: 1 , Location: Auditorium
  • Session Type: Short 10 min (Early stage research) , Start: 10:25 , End: 10:40


ECOdesign4EU is an Erasmus+ project that addresses the common challenges of supporting the transition to a Circular Economy in Cultural and Creative Industries by applying Ecodesign principles to these sectors through innovative VET methods and tools. The project addresses the following objectives:

- To design a new European ECVET Curriculum of reference on Ecodesign for sustainable CCIs.

- To promote innovative WBL methods and pedagogies addressed to I-VET and C-VET students, TARGET BENEFICIARIES of the project, in order to acquire and apply Ecodesign to CCIs.

- To provide digital solutions, the ECOdesign4EU Virtual CAMPUS, for the capacity building of VET and in-company teachers and trainers, managers and course designers, TARGET USERS of the project products, with innovative WBL teaching methods to acquire and apply Ecodesign principles in CCIs

- To co-design, adapt and test a practical and innovative Mobile Assessment App designed to evaluate competences on Ecodesign for CCIs included in the European ECVET Curriculum of reference.

- To support the exploitation strategy of the project and the mainstreaming of the project results with a Guideline to foster transparency and recognition of Ecodesign for sustainable CCIs.

During this presentation, we will present an overview of the project and the results achieved so far.

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