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The Electric Vehicle Scenario

Authors: Malcolm Caligari Conti, ,
  • Institute: Institute of Engineering and Transport
  • Symposium: Emerging Technology and Creative Innovation
  • Day: 2 , Session: 2 , Location: Auditorium
  • Session Type: Short 10 min (Early stage research) , Start: 11:45 , End: 12:00


The purchasing of an electric vehicle often requires the optimisation of a number of parameters. These parameters as well as their results have been analysed and given results as to the top contender for the selection of an electric vehicle to be purchased by MCAST. The research then poses the question of how these parameters vary with price to find some very interesting results. The design of a new workshop for the service of these electric vehicles which allows the training of several students at IVET and CVET level is also considered, and several technological and safety considerations are made. An introduction to research as to the uptake of electric vehicle servicing withing the context of CVET and IVET and how quality control and accreditation may lend itself to the introduction of vocational training on electric vehicle servicing and overhaul in third party educational institutions such as MCAST. The question posed must change from one where the status quo is assumed to one where the quality of education in this sector is questioned, with the aim of pushing the VET provider to provide a higher educational experience which not only trains the students for industry but rather provides a more holistic perspective as to the industrial and social requirements and how these may be met.