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Bus ID System Aiding Visually Impaired Persons

Authors: Joseph Attard, ,
  • Institute: Institute of Engineering and Transport
  • Symposium: Emerging Technology and Creative Innovation
  • Day: 2 , Session: 2 , Location: Auditorium
  • Session Type: Short 10 min (Early stage research) , Start: 11:30 , End: 11:45


The aim of this research is to create a system, that will help visually impaired persons, and elderly people, use the public transport with minimal to no assistance. This, gives these persons, more freedom. The system will be able to announce, the arrival of a route-bus, allowing enough time for these persons to get ready, for when the bus arrives on the stage or bus stop. The system consists of a transmitter located at the Malta Public Transport offices and receivers on multiple stages or bus-stops. The communication is via 4G mobile network. The same communication protocol used by the "Tal-Linja"app shall be used by the proposed system making it easier to integrate with the existing communication infrastructure already in use by Malta Public Transport.