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Preparations for Social Research on The Experience of Educators in Malta who Identify as LGBTQ+: a Longitudinal Study

Authors: Heathcliff Schembri, Kenny Muscat,
  • Institute: Institute of Community Services
  • Symposium: Social Well-being, Sports and Health
  • Day: 1 , Session: 2 , Location: Conference Hall 2
  • Session Type: Short 10 min (Early stage research) , Start: 12:00 , End: 12:15


This presentation will focus on the initial work being carried in preparation for qualitative research focusing on the experiences of educators in Malta who identify as LGBTQ+. As a longitudinal study over the span of three years, the researchers will collect data from educators working in Early Years and Primary Education in the first year, educators working in Middle and Secondary Education in the second year and educators working in Post-compulsory Education in the third year. The third year will also see the culmination of these three studies and identify similarities, challenges and potential ways forward, stemming from educators’ experiences across the three sectors.

The objectives of the research are: i) to explore the double-life as educators, if any, and the external and internal factors leading to such choice/s, ii) to find commonalities and differences in the way such choice/s have been taken, iii) to identify the effects of such choices on the professional lives of these educators, and iv) to analyse the effects of such choices on the professional relationships in the workplace.

The anticipated contributions of this research are to give a voice to educators in Malta who identify as LGBTQ+, to understand their possible different lived experiences, to recommend new content and approaches which could be undertaken during pre-service and in-service teacher training, to increase awareness amongst practitioners and School Leadership Teams in education in Malta and to inform policymakers about such realities, in the hope for diverse way forwards.