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Heightening Sustainable Innovation in Our HEIs and Societies

Authors: Gonca Kara, ,
  • Institute: Applied Research And Innovation Centre
  • Symposium: Emerging Technology and Creative Innovation
  • Day: 1 , Session: 2 , Location: Auditorium
  • Session Type: Medium 15 min (Presentation of ongoing research developments and findings) , Start: 12:15 , End: 12:35


HEIght is an initiative of a pan-European consortium of four

forward-thinking higher education institutions (HEIs) and one actor

from another side of the knowledge triangle, united to cultivate a

mutually beneficial and collaborative consortium. It leverages existing

innovation and entrepreneurial knowledge of all partners and draws

on the resources of HEInnovate to spur on growth of the sustainable

innovation in our communities and in our institutions.

HEIght delivers on the consortium’s shared vision of prosperous,

inclusive and climate-resilient societies where food systems and

other areas of human activity that are sustainable, trusted and

healthy contribute to net-zero carbon emission economies through a

structured programme of work packages. Through training, designed

and tailored to develop innovation and enterprise, these activities

support the development of academic and non-academic staff and

students. Across two phases, HEIght achieves key performance

indicators of delivering training (including mentoring) to 645 students,

66 academics and 66 non-academics in order to build innovation

and entrepreneurial capacity within HEIs across the consortium,

EIT HEIs, the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities, and into

society. Sustainability is achieved through enabling lifelong learning,

particularly through the development of communities of practice

which can grow from the consortium to EU Member States.

Through open resources, stakeholders are enabled with tools for

transformative change beyond the life of the project. HEIs will

develop capacity in innovation and enterprise. In addition, a ‘train

the trainer’ method will ensure exponential growth of academic and

non-academic expertise and skills to support capacity building of

innovative and entrepreneurial staff and students to effect great

societal innovation.

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