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InclusiPHE - Erasmus+ Project

Authors: Antonella Brincat, ,
  • Institute: Institute of Community Services
  • Symposium: Social Well-being, Sports and Health
  • Day: 1 , Session: 3 , Location: Conference Hall 2
  • Session Type: Medium 15 min (Presentation of ongoing research developments and findings) , Start: 14:40 , End: 15:00


The InclusiPHE project has as main objective to contribute to a more inclusive environment at Professional Higher Education Institutions, by creating interventions aimed at increasing non-traditional students’ engagement in the life of their academic institution.

InclusiPHE will focus specifically on students at PHEIs who typically attract a more diverse range of students and with a higher proportion of non-traditional students compared to more classical universities. There tend to be more adult students, lifelong learners, parent students, students from a migrant background, students with a disability, etc. At the same time, PHE curricula have specific characteristics that influence student engagement, such as shorter times spent in the institution due to many students studying at shorter courses and considerable time spent on practical placements outside the institution.

InclusiPHE will explore the engagement of students from diverse backgrounds in the life of their institutions. The project aims to improve policies, mechanisms and practices for inclusive engagement of all students regardless of their background and circumstances – to engage students in all aspects of their teaching & learning journey, quality assurance & institutional decision making, within the life of the institution and student life in the wider sense and also enabling them to fully embrace the democratic values of HE in their interactions with wider society.

MCAST is a partner in this Erasmus+ project, represented by Ms Antonella Brincat - Senior Lecturer and Institute Vocational Coordinator.